24-mother-earth-nature-artAnchenda Health & Nutrition Portal
is a social enterprise that facilitates healthy communities, healthy economies, and healthy ecosystems through localized application of integral technologies and holistically regenerative methodologies globally. It is an internationally recognized Utah Benefit Corporation with branch offices in North America, Central America, South America, and East Asia.

Anchenda Health & Nutrition Portal a health food, nutrition and health & wellness on-line shopping mall of multiple vendors and cross-discipline professionals that provides:

  • Fresh food direct from local farmers, ranchers and horticulturalists
  • The best packaged, jarred, bottled, dry and dehydrated organic food from international suppliers
  • Medicinal herbs & spices, and non-toxic skin, hair, and dental care products
  • Non-toxic minerals and cold-pressed vitamins


Holistic healthcare professionals have identified that those communities around the world that enjoy the best health and longevity are those which produce and enjoy their own foods together. The Anchenda Health & Nutrition Portal facilitates the locally grown food movement by:Dad-and-daughter

  • Enabling local farmers, fisheries and specialty shops to sell their fruit, vegetables, poultry, meat, dairy, fish, and specialty items direct to customers through our Localized On-line Farmers’ Markets
  • Enabling urban, suburban, and rural families, communities and individuals to feed and employ themselves by selling their surplus fruit, vegetables, poultry, meat, dairy, and fish direct to local customers on our Localized On-line  Farmers’ Markets