Health & Nutrition Portal


Taiwan-Produce2The Anchenda Health & Nutrition Portal is an eCommerce/mCommerce on-line shopping mall consisting of fresh produce from farmers in your geographical area, packaged organic food from international vendors, as well as holistic health products and services . By selecting your area, your browser will be redirected to the Anchenda Health & Nutrition Portal listings in your area. Anchenda will handle any financial transaction through a variety of payment options, and arrange delivery of any products you buy according to the delivery options you specify.

We understand the importance of keeping products at their desired temperature during the shipping process. Using our insulated box liners as well as gel packs is one of the best ways to ensure products are kept within the desired temperature range. Each box is carefully packaged to stay fresh for several hours after your delivery arrives, and we modify our packaging based on the season and your location. Our delivery person will leave the package wherever you specify. Since our food is packaged with insulated liners and gel packs, it will remain cold and fresh for you.